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Syracuse vs. San Diego State: Platinum Shoes!

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It wouldn't be a special Syracuse uniform with some platinum and Nike has made special platinum-color sneakers for the Battle on the Midway because of course they did.

SU Athletics

I know Aaron Goldfarb is going to hate this, but, PLATINUM JOKES AND JOKES AND JOKES!

The Syracuse Platinum have released the Nike shoe that they're going to wear on Sunday when they take on the San Diego Aztecs during the Battle on the Midway. It's everything you ever expected it to be...


No blue? Check.

More platinum than anything? Check.

If you look closely you can see the camo design that the uniform will be covered in.

I know, who cares? The players will love it I'm sure (especially Hoffmann). And so long as the camo is actually different shades of orange and not different shades of gray, then all will be right in the world.

It should still be the best uniform to honor America that's made in China ever!