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What The P-S Won't Tell You About...The Louisville Cardinals

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Having been defeated by Greg Robinson twice, the Louisville Cardinals take nothing for granted when it comes to playing Syracuse. With revenge on their minds, we welcome Charlie Strong's "Angry Birds".

Joe Robbins


On Saturday we get our just rewards for blowing winnable games against Northwestern and Minnesota early in the year. A must-win home game against the 9-0, 9th-ranked Louisville Cardinals.

Normally, when I see "9th-ranked" and "9-0" in a sentence pertaining to Syracuse football, I get into my familiar fetal pose, and rock gently back and forth waiting for kickoff. However, when I see the words "Louisville Cardinals" in a sentence pertaining to Syracuse Orange football, I become strangely confident...cocky if you will. For this is the very team that got Grobbered-on...twice.... by our own Master of Disaster. Let's hope that hoodoo is alive and well in the Dome in a few day's time.

In this week's What the P-S Won't Tell You About preview, we highlight how, despite an undefeated record, Louisville remains unloved among college football's rankings services. We also offer a simple fan guide to celebrating Syracuse Football Senior Day. Enjoy, and Go Orange!