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Syracuse vs. San Diego State: Check Your Local Listings

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The official list of TV stations carrying the Battle On The Midway is in. You're covered.


I know that that barrage of ,"I just turned on ESPN and the game's not on!" tweets are coming my way on Sunday. So please, make sure you consult the list of actual networks that are still going to show the Battle On The Midway between the Syracuse Orange and San Diego St. Aztecs.

FOX Sports Networks

  • FOX Sports San Diego
  • FOX College Sports
  • FOX Sports Arizona
  • FOX Sports Detroit
  • FOX Sports Midwest
  • FOX Sports North
  • FOX Sports Ohio
  • FOX Sports West
  • FOX Sports South
  • FOX Sports Southwest
  • FOX Sports Wisconsin


  • Comcast Bay Area
  • Comcast Chicago
  • Comcast Philadelphia
  • MASN2
  • MSG Plus
  • Root Sports Northwest
  • Root Sports Pittsburgh
  • Root Sports Rocky Mountain

Surely, you live in an area that gets one of those or near a bar with DirecTV that can pick one of them up.

Looks like the only channel we lost was NESN, who is showing Boston College - Boston University hockey. Guess we still need to work on proving to them we're Boston's College Team.