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Syracuse vs. Louisville: One Last Chance To Keep Your Attention

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The Syracuse football team has one last chance to get your attention before basketball season starts. Can they actually knock off an undefeated, top-ten team at home to save the season?

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If I had to venture a guess, I'd say most Syracuse Orange fans have either given up on the season or are disheartened to the point where it's hard to care anymore. After a season watching this team toy with their emotions, looking like a team to be reckoned with one week and a team that can't seem to get out of it's own way the next, it's hard to stay motivated as a fan. There's only so many times you can invest.

I'm guilty of it myself. I didn't even bother with Quotant Quotables or the statistical review this week. I'm just exhausted as a fan. Maybe they'll find a way to win two of their last three. I certainly know they're capable of it. I also certainly know they're capable of losing all three. At this point I feel like I can only stay so invested until they prove the first one.

Having basketball season start doesn't help matters. It's easy for Orange fans to look over there, see a legitimate winner and throw their support in that direction.

So the Louisville Cardinals come to the Dome this weekend. They bring with them a 9-0 record and a No. 9 national ranking. On paper, they should walk with this one. And yet, don't tell me you don't think we CAN beat them. We're way more battle-tested, we're home and, as usual, if we could just find a way to get out of our own way, we could go toe-to-toe with them.

Offensively, we're there. Ryan Nassib is a legitimate NFL Draft prospect. Our wide receivers are putting up great numbers. Jerome Smith has found himself back on a path to 1,000 yards.

Defensively, it's become a question. The run defense has suddenly become porous, but we're still making big plays.

Take away all the mistakes and we have the chance. But you can't take away all the mistakes. Cause they are a lot of them. And they keep coming. Over and over again.

Win this game and maybe, just maybe, that hope for a bowl game returns. Lose and you won't find too many people who think Syracuse can sweep two roads games to get it done. Then again, it's been one of those seasons. In a weird way, you almost expect this Syracuse team to back into success. Or fall on their face.