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Syracuse Football Fans, Explain Your College Football Fanthropology

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If you can sum up what makes you such a humongous college football fan, you might just win a trip for two to any college football game you want.


Hyundai thinks college football is pretty awesome. How awesome? So awesome that in addition to sponsoring the weekly BlogPoll, they also want to hear you tell them all about why you live and breathe Syracuse Orange football.

Hyundai Fanthropology is a new contest here at SB Nation in which the winner gets two tickets to any remaining game this season after the conclusion of the contest, along with hotel accommodations and airfare for two. (See the terms and conditions link below for details).

So how do you enter? Just do what you do best...leave a comment below. The comment should explain what drives your passion for college football, specifically Syracuse football. We all know that when it comes to following the Orange, that passion is the only thing that keeps you going. For example...

For me, college football was the first sport I ever remember watching. I distinctly remember the first game I ever watched, the 1988 Cotton Bowl between Notre Dame and Texas A&M. By the next season, I was a full-fledged college football freak. It helped that my Dad and I loved the same team and watching the game together became standing tradition. It also helped that the team I loved at the time was about to win the National Title (rhymes with Schmotre Schmame). My love for the Irish (the team and the people) may have faded but my love for the sport remains unmatched.

From the comments below, I will select my favorite one, making you a finalist for the contest. At that point, myself and the finalist will talk more in-depth about college football and Syracuse, specifically. We'll take the convo to the front page for everyone to check out and respond to.

And then, if the judges high above select you as their favorite college football fan on the SB Nation network, you'll get to go to whatever game you want with whomever you want.

Sound good? Get to it!

By commenting below, you are subject to and accept the terms and conditions of the Hyundai Fanthropology Sweepstakes.