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Syracuse vs. San Diego State: Rain Forecast Threatens To Move Battle Off The Midway

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Forecasts for Friday currently call for rain and a lot of wind. There's a chance the Battle On The Midway might become the Battle Off The Midway.

Donald Miralle

One way or another, cosmic forces seem to be attempting to make sure that the Battle On The Midway doesn't happen as planned.

First came the news that the event was almost cancelled before Phil McConkey saved the day.

Now comes word that somehow, someway, we picked the one day of the year that it actually rains in San Diego, CA to play this outdoor game.

Even in San Diego, it might rain.

That possibility is moving perilously close to reality with 20th-ranked San Diego State scheduled to face No. 9 Syracuse on the flight deck of the USS Midway Museum on Friday at 5 p.m., and with the National Weather Service now forecasting "showers" for Friday night with an increasing degree of confidence.

Plan B: Move the game indoors to the Valley View Casino Center (formerly the San Diego Sports Arena) because Syracuse didn't want to play at Viejas Arena.

Smart call by Boeheim not to consider Viejas as the back-up. That place is feisty and would ensure a hostile crowd.

There's a lot of issues involved if they change the venue. Not only will they have to move the entire court off the ship and into the arena but they'll also have to quickly sell about 8,000 tickets. As for how someone who paid $1,000+ for a seat will be compensated for the move would also have to be worked out.

Even if the game is played on the aircraft carrier, there's the issue of wind. Forecasters are expecting anything from 15 - 30 MPH winds, which means Trevor Cooney's degree of difficulty for shooting beyond the arc just went way up.

No word on when the final decision will be made but you can bet we'll all be keeping a close eye on the weather all week.