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VIDEO: Ashton Broyld Is A One-Man Dance Dance Revolution

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Ashton Broyld showed off a new facet of his game on Saturday. His dancing moves.


You can blame the referees for the Syracuse Orange's loss to the Cincinnati Bearcats on Saturday, but if there's one thing the referees did do right, it's make everyone stand around a lot while they figured out what they were doing.

In doing that, they unleashed the true power of Ashton Broyld upon the Syracuse fanbase. His sexy, sexy sidelines moves...

Worth noting that he never fumbles the entire time.

Just a tour de force performance here. Broyld starts with a shimmy-step before evolving it into a shimmy-slide, showcasing that footwork and coordination with the music, giving the ladies a little sumthin'-sumthin' before a slide, then slide, then slide in the direction of Prince-Tyson Gulley, whom becomes an unwitting partner in some serious slide-steppin' which devolves into some "hunchbacK" before Ashton brings it all home for the touchdown.

Quality video work by Josh A. And Ashton, of course.