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Battle For Big East Between Big 10 & ACC: Louisville vs. Rutgers GameThread

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Syracuse fans are keeping a close eye on Thursday night's clash between the Scarlet Knights and Cardinals. The outcome will have an impact on SU's conference & bowl placement.

© Mark Konezny

The winner of the Big East Conference in 2012 won't be a member of it for much longer. Future Big Ten school Rutgers hosts future ACC school Louisville and the winner will play in a BCS bowl while the loser will just keep grumbling about they don't care because they're gonna make so much more money in their next conference anyway.

For the Syracuse Orange, there are interesting implications. A Louisville win means Syracuse gets a share of the Big East title. A Rutgers win could mean that Syracuse is the "undisputed" No. 2 in the conference. Whatever those two things mean to bowl games and recruits, who knows. But I suppose they mean something.

We won't really know too much more about our bowl game status after this one. Still, it should help clear up the story a little bit.

Judging by the poll, you're probably rooting for Louisville in this one. Leave your pre-, in- and post-game comments below.

Even though we're not playing, G'ORANGE!