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The Carrier Dome Bowl? What In The Hell?

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There's a bowl game in the Carrier Dome this weekend. Wait, what?


So, apparently, there's a bowl game in the Carrier Dome this weekend? Are we invited? Are the teams playing in it now in the Big East? What is going on?

The Snow College Badgers will be taking on ASA College Avengers in what is apparently a pretty good match-up. Snow is ranked No. 4 in whatever it is they do and they are 10-1 and WSFL Conference Champions. Meanwhile No. 3 ASA is the Northeast Football Conference Champions and enters the game 9-0. They beat our old friends Nassau Community College to get here.

It's that mention of Nassau CC that brings it all together. Of COURSE we want the top community college football players in the nation coming through Syracuse. You never know when a diamond in the rough is going to show up (See: Ivan Foy, Tombe Kose).

Special credit goes to the Northeast Conference for its comic font usage on their official site.

H/T: Jared P.