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The Big East's Metamorphosis Into Conference USA Nears Completion, Tulane & ECU Coming Aboard

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Tulane and ECU will be Big East schools by 2014. As for what that makes the Big East, I don't know...

Streeter Lecka

Remember when we played the Tulane Green Wave In New Orleans and there were like, 5,000 people in the stands? The Big East decided it wants a piece of that action.

In reaction to the defection of Rutgers and the impending defection of either UConn or Louisville (or both), the Big East announced today that it is adding Tulane and the East Carolina Pirates into their fold.

Tulane will join as a full conference member in 2014 and ECU will join as a football-only member in 2014 as well.

BYU is said to have received an invitation to join the conference as well but wisely turned it down.

The joke I've been running with in recent months is that the 2014 Big East will basically just be 2002 Conference USA with a different name. That joke is less of a joke and more of a reality today.

If I'm UConn and Louisville, I'm flying to ACC HQ today with an Edible Arrangement the size of a Great Dane.