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Syracuse Basketball 5th In Coaches Poll, Still 6th In AP Poll

Syracuse moves up one spot in the Coaches Poll but stands pat in the AP. Their slow, steady march up to the top continues...

Nate Shron

The Syracuse Orange continue to slowly march closer and closer towards a No. 1 ranking that everyone will complain about and say they didn't earn. Can you feel the excitement?

In the Coaches Poll, the Orange move up one stop to No. 5 thanks to Louisville's loss to Duke over the weekend. Indiana remains the heavy No. 1, followed by Duke, Michigan, Ohio St., Syracuse and L'ville.

The AP voters didn't think that a loss to the now-No. 2 team in the nation meant Louisville should fall any further than fifth so Syracuse is still No. 6 there. It's Indiana, Duke, Michigan, OSU and L'ville in the top five.

Other Big East teams in the rankings are Cincinnati (17/16) and Georgetown (20/25). Our old friends San Diego St. remain in the rankings at No. 23/No. 21.

The AP Voter You Arbitrarily Hate This Week continues to be a tie between our good friend Ron Morris and Las Vegas Review-Journal writer Ed Graney, both of whom have the Orange at No. 10.

The AP Voter You Arbitrarily Love This Week is a six-way tie for those who put SU all the way up at No. 3. They include the Providence Journal's Kevin McNamara and wacky Scott Wolf from the LA Daily News.

Full AP voter ballots here.