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Why Syracuse's Doug Marrone Would Make a Decent NFL Coach...But Why He Won't Leave the Orange

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Peter King got an e-punch from Sean after writing that according to his opinion and the opinion of coaches in the NFL, Doug Marrone is a top 5 college coach wanted at the NFL level. I can totally see why this is...and why there's no way Marrone takes an NFL job this offseason (or the next few).

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

In case you didn't click the link above, Peter King decided to set the Syracuse Football world on Doug Marrone again for his qualifications (or lack thereof) to be considered for a NFL coaching position. King's article claims that his top five most desirable college coaches is based off of the word of NFL front office people with a little of his opinion sprinkled in.

While this news came as surprising to most and laughable to some, Marrone's body of work may not be the most impressive resume featured, but there are several reasons why he looks like an attractive option for an NFL team.

First and foremost, Marrone runs a no nonsense offense and defense scheme. Sorry Chip Kelly, no matter how much proof anyone presents, your offense still looks like a gimmick. Furthermore, Marrone adjusted the offensive system to ft the personel on the team, a huge plus when looking at a coach's ability. With so many poor NFL teams possessing issues at the top, it's a great trait to have as a coach.

Secondly, look at an old debate we hashed up again and again when Marrone was on the hot seat earlier this season. As Matt so eloquently put, the Syracuse football team was a dead dog that had ben dragged out back behind the shed to be shot more than the necessary amount. Marrone's job was, and still is, to revive said dead program. Two bowl births, a bowl win and the best conference finish since 2001 sounds like a pretty damn good start. Not to mention he's reestablished recruiting hotbeds and spread the Syracuse pipelines to hotbeds like Georgia and now hopefully Texas.

Oh, and there was that whole thing where he knew that his seat was red hot if something good didn't happen and got the team to become closer and finish out with three straight victories.

All of the above shows a pretty decent resume for a team looking for a strong fundamental head coach, right? Well yes, but Marrone isn't going anywhere.

If it hasn't been made abundantly clear, Marrone is here for the long haul. He wants to bring Syracuse back to the days of McNabb and Orange Bowls and that is still a long way off. Moving into the ACC, Syracuse needs to make it's mark. Marrone has too much love for this school and program to leave that to some newcomer after he may have ended the Big East campaign with a Co-Championship.

Not only that, but the team itself still has consistent issues that have to be tracked to Marrone. The special teams play was never even average, the lack of discipline was apparent every game and this team likes to shoot itself in the foot before anyone else can. Once these issues are worked out, I am nearly 100% sure Marrone will become a very wanted NFL coach.

Right now, I'm also 100% sure Marrone will get a couple of calls. The Jets and Saints are the only two teams I can see seriously considering HCDM, but upon further examination, probably not happening. Maybe the Bills stay the CNY route, maybe another team heard some great things but ultimately the results will all be the same. Marrone will politely answer and then decline. He wants to stay at Syracuse and we all know he's not quite ready for the NFL.

He will be someday, but between you and me, I'm perfectly ok with him having all the more reasons to stay at Cuse.