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Syracuse Defeats Temple: Quotant Quotables

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The Syracuse Orange closed out the regular season with a 38-20 win over the Temple Owls on Friday and here are the quotes to prove it

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The Syracuse Orange closed out the regular season with a 38-20 win over the Temple Owls on Friday and here are the quotes to prove it (via Temple Athletics, & The Daily Orange):

Doug Marrone on the team and the win:

I think that it is a great win for these kids they have come so far and gone through so much and I think that has a lot to say about their character and pride. I really feel that a lot of people are going to have a lot of questions about the team and I don’t know if I can really put into words about how I personally feel about this team. It is very difficult but I think that the writers who have been covering this team throughout the year it is a better story told by them other than their coach.

Doug Marrone on the way the team closed out the season:

"It does say a lot about this 2012 team the way they have handled themselves and I am proud of them to be able to close out the second half of the season 5-1 playing consecutive weeks."

Doug Marrone on how this team compares to his previous ones:

"I don’t want to sit up here and say that first year was this, the second year was that. Every team has a quality that you truly care about as a coach. There is a relationship. For me coming in I didn’t know a lot of the players as well as I do today. I have a better communication, better relationship, and better understanding of my players— And I think sometimes when that happens the more educated you are on some things you appreciate things more. So I guess I was able to appreciate this team more because I knew them better than I did, but I do still have a lot of respect for previous players here at Syracuse. I am a former Syracuse football player myself. We are brothers, everyone who walks through that door and I appreciate it—And I don’t think people understand that student-athletes all over the country what they go through."

Doug Marrone on Ryan Nassib:

"No words can really put it into perspective. I am not a very good story teller, I love him and am so proud of him. He really worked extremely hard on his development in my mind we haven’t even seen the best of Ryan Nassib. His development is going to take off and I truly believe that from what I have seen. "

Doug Marrone on the rest before the bowl game:

"For the players I am really excited, but as for coaches, we are hitting the road on Sunday."

Doug Marrone on leaving the Big East:

"I really appreciate the people, the Big East and the way they at least treated me. I can only speak for myself. Everyone knows how I feel about eastern football. I am a big believer in eastern football. My vision of a conference alignment was out the window years and years ago. It’s the profession that I chose to be in and whatever happens, happens. It is what it is."

Jay Bromley on the message Syracuse is sending as it leaves the Big East.

"I think the message as we leave the Big East is that we’re a hard-working program and we’re never going to give up. We’re fighters. That’s the message. We liked the rivalries with Rutgers and teams like, but we’re off to the ACC now. We’re going to miss the Big East a little bit, but we’re moving forward."

Justin Pugh on how the team fought back from its 1-3 start:

"We went out there, week in and week out, and we were physical every game. Everybody was always asking, ‘When are they going to give up? When are they going to stop?’ I think we answered that -- today and every game. We fought to the very end and, bottom line, it looks pretty good."

Tyrone Wheatley on the way the RBs all stepped up:

"In my room it’s my brother’s keepers. We do it for each other. We do it as one group. There’s no pouting. When his time comes, his time comes. When he steps in he’s going to perform as if he had been performing since day 1. That’s the way you have to do it."

Adonis Ameen-Moore on the mental focus of being a "third option" back:

"I can’t think about getting into a rhythm...I have to go make something happen."

Wheatley on AAM:

"It’s a testament to him. It is hard for some guys to go through a season and not get the carries they want. He understands he is a quality back who can be playing someplace else, but he gave me no problems. He did everything he was supposed to do. He watched film, he was diligent in the weight room, he was diligent at practice. That goes to show you the quality and character of Adonis Ameen-Moore. He came out (today) and you would have sworn he’s played since day 1."

Justin Pugh on AAM:

"He’s a big back. I remember we were out there and they were kind of making fun of him, saying ‘Oh, that kid can’t doing anything.’ And we kept feeding him the ball and feeding him the ball, and he kept running them over and running them over. I think they finally got the point toward the end that they shouldn’t take this guy lightly."

Justin Pugh on his NFL future:

"I haven’t really thought that much about it. I’m going to send in my stuff to the NFL Draft Advisory Board on Monday and take it from there, see what they have to say."

Prince-Tyson Gulley on his fumble and shaking it off:

"Bad things are going to happen. It’s how you bounce back when bad things happen. That’s what they really look at – me bouncing back from that and not even paying attention to the past but focusing on what we needed to do on the next drive."

Scott Shafer on defensive adjustments he made:

"All we talked about was doing our job and finishing strong, being physical and doing a good job with taking the adjustments to the grass."

Justin Pugh on the running game:

"I told Jerome Smith at the beginning of the season that if he didn’t give me 1,000 yards he was going to be in for it. He played great, all our running backs are running hard and it’s just good to see him get 1,000 yards."

Jerome Smith on his mindset:

"You got a whole team and you got seniors that put a lot into this," Smith said. "You put away your little minor injuries for those guys."

Ryan Nassib on performing well in Philly:

"I knew this was going to be an emotional game for me coming back home so I made sure that myself and a lot of the other Philly guys got on everybody else. Because maybe it didn’t mean as much to them because this isn’t their hometown but we made sure we were on them."

Nassib on what the seniors are leaving behind:

"I think the one of the things we’ll leave is this system for the guys behind us. Because if you get the right weapons and the right offensive line, this offense is pretty dangerous."

AAM on the monster gap that led to his 18-yard TD run:

"My goodness. That hole was so wide open I couldn’t wait to see Sean (Hickey) and (Rob) Trudo when I got to the sideline, I just had to thank them."