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Syracuse 38 - Temple 20: Business Care, Tooken

The Syracuse Orange didn't need to beat the Temple Owls, but they did. Because that's what kind of team they are these days. Thank God for that.

© Howard Smith

I'm getting around to this late so rather than try to regurgitate what others have said, here are my twenty thoughts while watching the Syracuse Orange defeat the Temple Owls 38-20 on Friday. After watching the Orange win their seventh game of the season, their third-straight game and their second-straight road game, I had a lot on my mind.

1. 7-5, you guys. Don't care what you think of the season, that's exceeding almost everyones preseason expectations.
2. I love that Temple has a guy who's job is basically to hold back Steve Addazio when he gets fired up.
3. This football team loves adversity and plays better because of it. If the other team won't give them any, they'll create it.
4. Down 10-0 and 20-17, I wasn't worried. That's a new, weird, nice feeling.
5. I love . Does any other team have such a dedicated following for their o-lineman? 6. I'm totally fine with the impending Jarrod West Era.
7. After Adonis Ameen-Moore ran for 18 yards on that TD run, I was worried about him. That is a lot of yards for him!
8. I have to admit, I like Steve Addazio. I'm fine with him taking over in eight years when the Giants hire Doug Marrone.
9. So did we just get a peek at the Adonis Ameen Moore Era? Did we even realize he was going to have an Era? That sounds exciting.
10. 1,000 yards for Jerome Smith. Mazel Tov.
11. I feel like AAM could have gone for 100 yards if not for penalties. He must have lost 30-40 yards called back on penalties.
12. Until someone proves otherwise, I remain convinced Ryan Nassib runs a 9.7 40.
13. The last place I would EVER dress up as Santa is in a Philadelphia sports arena or stadium.
14. I haven't checked but did Steve Addazio murder anyone after the game? I was reasonably sure he would.
15. Loved, loved, LOVED the Doug Marrone-Keon Lyn, "Nice catch, don't ever f***ing do it again." moment after his celebration penalty.
16. Pretty good day for announcers from what I heard. Though there was an Adonis Aimeen-Moore sighting on one graphic.
17. What was that last touchdown drive when PTG turned into Barry Sanders? Where did that come from? Get it back.
18. I feel like I know way too much about Joe Theisman's prostate thanks to that commercial.
19. Nice end of the season for Keon Lyn. Good for him.
20. Syracuse just won three-straight, two-straight on the road, four of the last five and seven overall. F*** and Yes.
And I just thought of a No. 21...
21. I'm suddenly concerned about the incoming business proposals that some of our assistant coaches will be receiving soon.