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Guess How Jim Boeheim Feels About Conference Realignment?

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Jim Boeheim was asked about conference realignment. How do you think that went?

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He Who Pissed Off Greensboro, James Arthur Boeheim, was asked about the latest round of conference realignment. Guess how that went?

"I’ll let those people play their games. They’re going to be doing that for the next 20 years. I wish they could just figure it out and get it all done in the next year and then we wouldn’t have to think about it. It’s going to all end up getting done some day, but you think they would be able to figure it out.

Maybe they should just do a draft. Each conference just drafts teams because it doesn’t make sense who they’re getting anyway. So they might as well just have a draft, except then they’d have to make a decision and they probably wouldn’t be able to figure that out.

But eventually they’ll get this thing figured out. They’ll get all the teams moved. They’ll wait a year or two and somebody will take somebody and somebody else will say, well we need to take somebody now. And they’ll take somebody. And then the next month somebody else will take one. And then they’ll wait a couple more years. Someday down the road they’ll get Notre Dame to play. I’ll be long gone by then…long gone."

"Everybody knows the story. They’re going for whatever they’re going for. The rivalries don’t matter to anybody anymore. I think if you ask somebody at West Virginia right now, their fans, if they like going out to Texas Tech and Texas A&M and all those places. Ask their fans if they really like that? Maybe they do. I don’t know. I don’t get it, never have got it. But that’s just the way it’s going and nothing you can do about it. It’s like I said, if these guys were running the United States in Colonial times, Brazil and Argentina would be states because they have something we need. It would make a great country."

Well, you can add Brazil and Argentina to the list of home game locations. Jim Boeheim mentioned them.

God bless this man. (Nobody tell him about Texas A&M...)