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What The P-S Won't Tell You About...The Temple Owls

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In the final REGULAR SEASON episode of What the P-S, we look to Syracuse's bright football future, while exploring Temple's very modest football past.

Temple Owl
Temple Owl


We're well into the red zone on this year's inaugural What the P-S Won't Tell You About series, and I'm sending in the Tank Package this week to finish the regular season off. Let's just hope I "punch it in" with better effectiveness. For a look back at the entire series, please click the links at the bottom of the page!

Orange Friends,

When I set out to pull this series together during the summer, I had intended to offer an alternative and (hopefully) funny slant on the informative team/school previews offered by far better writers and journalists than I...many of whom are writing for you on this blog.

Since I'm bringing them up, I want to thank the TNIAAM football writing team...the ones who offer the REAL content. Sean, Andrew, Dan, Jeremy, Matt, John, you guys combine to offer some of the best football blog writing available on SB or any other forum especially considering this is a second or third job for most if not all of you. What I like about this site is the writing is high in quality, largely snark-free, and fresh...yeah, the LOL-cats on the Big-Boy football blogs of the SEC, etc. keep it entertaining, but you can only laugh for so long at a Bobby Petrino motorcycle joke. If you judged what schools are among the elite football programs simply by the quality of blog writing and community engagement, you'd swear Syracuse is BCS championship-caliber. You guys do a tremendous job, and it's greatly appreciated.

I also want to thank those readers who offered a word of encouragement over the course of the series, and to express my sincere hope that I succeeded in giving many of you a quick laugh while reading about one of our true loves...SU Football. That was my only real motivation for doing this. Happy to do it again next year when we'll have a fresh set of material from our new neighbors in the ACC. Now, back to work...

- Marc Thomas

IN THIS WEEK'S PREVIEW, we offer a Boutique Consulting Firm-designed matrix providing quantitative proof that Big East Football is really not that good. (Yeah, you didn't need a Boutique Consulting Firm to tell you what you already knew, but if every Fortune 100 company does it, then damn it, we'll do it too!!!) We dive deep into the storied history of Temple football, and showcase their greatest legends...I mean legend. And we finish things off Ellis Redding-Style!

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