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Syracuse vs. Temple: This One's For All The Addazios

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Even though neither will be on the field, this game will determine which is the better Addazio, father Steve or son Louie.

Rob Carr

When the Syracuse Orange take on the Temple Owls on Friday, no one with the last name Addazio will be involved in one play on the field. And yet, each sideline will feature someone with said name. Bragging rights are on the line.

On the Syracuse sidelines, sophomore tight end Louie Addazio will be rooting on his teammates as they attempt to win their third-straight game. He hasn't been able to play all year because of an injury, so he'll miss his one opportunity to play against pops.

His Dad, Steve Addazio, will be in charge of the Temple football team across the field. The former Syracuse assistant and one-time possibility for head coach at SU and UConn isn't chatting too much with his son before the game.

"I think there’s no question there’s always some good fun. I don’t know about trash-talking. But there’s certainly a lot of pride for Syracuse on his part. which there should be. It was fun last summer talking about (the game). The reality right now is that we’re playing a great football team."

"He’s not on the field, so I don’t have that component to it now," Steve said "He just loves his team and loves Syracuse. I just try not to speak with him too much right now. He’s got a lot of passion for Syracuse."

Meanwhile, Syracuse is dealing with a bit of an injury issue. Earlier in the week, Doug Marrone said eleven of the 22 starters were playing injured. According to Rahme, Deon Goggins, Jay Bromley, Marcus Sales, Jerome Smith, Prince-Tyson Gulley and Ashton Broyld all seemed like they were on track to play this week.

Steve Rene, however, is done for the season due to an upper-body injury. Upon hearing the news, Syracuse fans said "bummer" and then look around to make sure no one was watching before gently pumping their fist (Sorry, Steve).