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Things Doug Marrone Can Tell Recruits Today That He Couldn't Four Years Ago

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For all the grief Doug Marrone has gotten this season, his four-year record speaks for itself. And when he speaks to recruits, he has a lot to tell them.


The 2012 Syracuse Orange football season isn't over but Doug Marrone already has a plethora of fantastic tidbits he can take with him into a recruit's home to convince them to play football for us. For all the complaints about Marrone this year (and before) as well as all the concerns about the state of the football program, I think this list is pretty self-explanatory.

You want to play in a bowl game? We're about to go to a bowl game for the second time in three seasons, the first time since 1999 and 2001. And we're one game away from having done it three years in a row.

You want to play in the NFL? I've had two players get drafted every season, including a first-round draft pick in Chandler Jones. Not to mention all of the undrafted players who've gone to play in the NFL. And this season I'm pretty sure Syracuse is going to have at least four players drafted, if not more (Ryan Nassib, Justin Pugh, Alec Lemon, Shamarko Thomas, Marcus Sales).

You want to play QB for me? I'm about to graduate a guy who was a starter-by-proxy when I got here and is leaving as one of the best statistical quarterbacks in Big East Conference history. My quarterbacks break school passing records every season.

You want to play RB for me? All I do is churn out 1,000 yard rushers. There was Delone Carter and Antwon Bailey and it looks like Jerome Smith is about to join them. Oh and did I mention Tyrone Wheatley will be your coach?

You want to play WR for me? Alec Lemon is going to leave Syracuse as one of the best in school history. But we can do even better.

You want to play TE for me? Smart move, because my tight ends catch footballs. Nick Provo left as the best statistical TE in SU history and our TEs were 4th and 8th in pass receptions this season.

You want to play defense for me? Our defensive coordinator would love nothing more than to let you loose in a series of blitzes and schemes meant to attack the other team. We'll mold you into a lineman or linebacker or safety who's got a shot in the NFL.For all the grief Doug Marrone has gotten this season, his four-year record speaks for itself. And when he speaks to recruits, he has a lot to tell them.

You want to play elite teams? We're going to the ACC where (at least in this moment), you'll get a shot at Florida State and Clemson every year. You'll also play programs such as Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Pitt, Boston College and Miami. Not to mention non-conference games against Notre Dame and Penn State.

You want to win? We're not where we want to be but we're getting there. After five seasons in which Syracuse averaged 2.8 wins per year, we've averaged roughly 6-7 wins a year in the last three seasons. And we expect to get even better.