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Syracuse Upset Special: WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?!?!?

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In my two years at Syracuse, two very average football teams have fulfilled their full potential on National television against the top Big East team. It's taken a full 24 hours for the weight of this upset to fully set in and all I can think of was HOLY $%*# HOW'D THAT HAPPEN?!?!

Downloaded from US PRESSWIRE.
Downloaded from US PRESSWIRE.
Mark Konezny

Last season I was front row for the WVU game and the only reason I did not rush the field was the nice DPS officer in front of me showing off his taser. This time around, I was working on the field and had to fight the urge to run out on the field of play when the clock hit triple zeros.

I didn't hold back from laughing when the student section started singing the "Goodbye" song because Julie Walas ripped me pre-game for my dire prediction of the game. I responded early on I'd have hope if we were ahead at the end of the third. All game I just kept receiving texts saying "You have hope yet Andy?"

Well. Now I officially have hope for the season.

I can't explain how the Orange got it all to click. I can't explain how a balanced game plan finally came to fruition and led to domination. I can't explain how our defense punched Louisville in the mouth after the first quarter and they never got back up. I leave that to the genius football minds of Dan and Matt.

What I can explain is how freaking awesome it was.

There aren't many times during a football game, let alone a Syracuse game, I never feel like the game is in doubt. Once the second quarter was underway, the fans and I were in agreement that things weren't going to change.It was great to actually be deafened when standing underneath the student section. It was even better to hear how loud they got on non third down plays and genuinely caused problems for the Louisville offense.

I wish we could have rushed the field. It would have been a perfect ending. But I think what the players did, leaping into the student section, was great enough. For the most part, all of the fans down in front were the same ones that have followed this team from game one. The players and the fans were so ecstatic, it was a perfect way to cap off the home regular season.

Unless we make the Pinstripe Bowl. Because then that's basically a home game, right?