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Battle On The Midway Great For Syracuse, But I Hope We Don't Do It Again

The Syracuse players and coaches had a great time playing on the U.S.S. Midway. For many SU fans watching on TV, however, the experience fell a little flat.

Ezra Shaw

Just like with platinum uniforms, the experience of playing basketball outdoors on an aircraft carrier is something that the Syracuse Orange players and recruits are going to appreciate the most. But speaking as a Syracuse fan, just like with platinum uniforms, I hope it's something we tried once and never bother with again.

No one can deny that it must have been pretty cool for the SU players and coaches and their post-game quotes drove that home.

Brandon Triche: "For me, it was when I was walking up the stairs from our locker room before the game. I mean, we were walking over water. You don’t do that every day. And then you saw that the court was a platform. And there were planes everywhere. And when you looked up, there was that huge U.S. flag...It was incredible. It’s something I’ll never forget. I’m not one to take a lot of pictures, but I definitely took a lot of pictures today."

Jim Boeheim: "I'd play in this event again. I think it's something that everybody should experience. I think every program should try to do this. It is difficult. I mean, but a lot of places are difficult for playing. I think you have to adjust for it."

However, and I can only speak for myself, but the appeal of the game wore off pretty quickly after the tip-off.

The weird and awkward camera angles made it uncomfortable to watch.

The glare and and the shadows were annoying.

The gameplay was clearly affected, making for an uglier affair than it would have been indoors.

The busted shot clock issue didn't affect the game too much but could have. And was just the tip of the iceberg on random issues that could have derailed the game.

The Friday carrier game cancellations have to be a concern moving forward, no matter where the game is played. Hell, we almost got rained out in San Diego. SAN DIEGO!

I'm glad we played the game, especially since it took us 3,000 miles away from New York to play a nationally-ranked team. It's a game that's likely going to be near the top of our NCAA Tournament resume. And the fact that we won handily was great.

Next time we want to honor the troops, let's play on an army base and let's do it indoors. I'm glad the players and coaches were excited but the excitement and coolness factor of playing outdoors wore off in a hurry for the rest of us.