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Syracuse Football: Shamarko Thomas Is...The Bonemaster

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Scott Shafer hands out The Bone to the hardest-hitter in each week's game. Shamarko Thomas is on the verge of earning more of them than anyone else.

Chris McGrath

Ah...The Bone. It might not be The Beaver, but, it's still an appropriate measure of how hard the Syracuse Orange defense is hitting and who specifically is doing said hitting.

We all know that safety Shamarko Thomas is a hard-hitter. We had to assume that if there are Bones to hand out, he's holding on to them. What we might not have realized is that #SHAMARKO is on the verge of becoming the greatest Bonemaster of all time.

Shafer hands out a weekly award called the bone. It goes to the defensive player he feels gave the most out on the field each week.

Thomas has won the award four times in eight games, tying him with former SU middle linebacker Derrell Smith for the most bones in a season. If he wins another, Thomas will own the record.

Who said this season isn't history-making?

Check out the rest of the article as well, which is a great look into Shamarko's world and status with the team and his teammates.