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What the P-S Won't Tell You About...The Cincinnati Bearcats

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As game day AND election day approach, we merge the two into a Star Spangled preview that "Leans Forward" while staying "Fair and Balanced"...sort of how Pearl Washington used to drive to the hoop back in the '80s...good times!



Two weeks ago, prior to the UConn game, I stated that I'd take .500 football and the chance to finish 5-7 in the same way that a gambler who is down big in Vegas makes back a small portion of the losses to end the night and goes to bed confident that their luck will be better the next day.

Fast forward, and .500 football now means winning just one more game with four to go...

Curse you human nature!!! I want to redact my earlier statement, and simply want to say that I will now take .500 football from THIS point forward! I can see 6-6...can taste 6-6, and you know what it tastes like??? BEEF.

In today's preview, we honor our electoral process with a special election edition of What the P-S Won't Tell You About. We'll learn about the party platforms of the participants of Saturday's matchup. Well, the mascots, at least. We'll also remind everyone that while Ohio is the featured battleground state in this year's election, it is far from being a battleground when it comes to who truly rules the gridiron in THE state of Ohio!