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Happy Birthday, Greg Robinson

It's Greg Robinson's birthday and the former Syracuse Orange head coach has resurfaced in the coaching high school.

Gregory Shamus - Getty Images

If Syracuse Orange fans are anything, it's an even-keeled, forgiving, well-reasoned, compassionate bunch. And with that in mind, I wanted to take the time to wish Greg Robinson, former SU football head coach and Little Engine conductor, a happy birthday.

Greg turns 61 today and how is he celebrating the big day? Rediscovering the passion that brought him to Syracuse for four of the most memorable years of all our lives.

He's coaching again, handling the long snapper duties for St. Francis High School in La Canada Flintridge in California.

The La Canada St. Francis defense is receiving tips from a coach who knows something about defense. Greg Robinson, the former Syracuse coach who spent years as an NFL assistant and college assistant, is helping coach the defense.

Robinson is living in Brentwood and originally offered to help coach the long snappers. Bonds got smart and also lets him mingle with the defense.

Smart indeed. Anytime you can put Greg Robinson in charge of your defense, that's a move you have to do.