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Syracuse Football: Hey, What's Up With The 2015 Navy Game?

After doing a quick check it looks like the non-conference football game against Navy is questionable.


Syracuse Orange football non-conference scheduling gets a little trickier in coming years as we join the ACC. Instead of five games, we'll have to fill four slots. Syracuse has three games already slotted in for 2013 (Penn St. @ MetLife, at Northwestern & Tulane). The inevitable FCS team should complete the schedule.

After that, however, the non-conference schedule is pretty thin as it stands right now. As of this moment, we have only one or two opponents locked up for each season after 2013. And when it comes to the series with the Navy Midshipmen, there might be even less games that first suspected.

I was cleaning up my future schedule page when I headed over to SU Athletics and noticed that while Navy is still listed on the future opponent list as a home game, it's not in the 2015 slot anymore.

So I decided to check with FBS Schedules, the keepers of future football skeds, and that led me to this article from June, which went through Navy's tentative 2015 schedule, one that doesn't include Syracuse.

They do mention the Orange game as TBA but say it doesn't look promising:

The Middies were slated to visit Syracuse in 2015, but an exact date was never announced. The game is not listed on Navy’s tentative 2015 slate. And with Syracuse joining the ACC (9-game conference schedule), they will also need to eliminate a few non-conference games.

As we know, that nine-game conference sched is now an 8-gamer, which means there's plenty of room for the Orange to keep Navy for 2015.

With Navy planning on joining the Big East by then, one wonder is the Big East-ACC dynamic plays a part. Syracuse might be wanting to distance itself from Big East opponents, or the Big East brass may have frowned upon anyone scheduling SU for a while. Who knows.

With Maryland now on the schedule, the appeal of the Baltimore-area Navy game might also be gone. Or, who knows, maybe it will happen after all. They are still listed as a 2017 opponent after all.

We've had the discussion of who Syracuse should be scheduling plenty of times. I know for a fact that Doug Marrone wants to play the academies, especially Army. But non-conference schedule just became a lot more scientific for the Orange and we'll have to see where this all shakes out.