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Syracuse Basketball: Trevor Cooney Returns Sans Tonsils

Trevor Cooney has his tonsils, excuse me, a piece of his upper body, removed last week. Now he's on the road to recovery and should be cleared to play by the time the season rolls around.


Last week, we heard that Syracuse Orange redshirt freshman Trevor Cooney was going to miss a little bit of time due to a tonsillectomy upper body injury. Looks like he'll back in the lineup in no time.

Cooney, who had a tonsillectomy Oct. 19, was cleared last Thursday to work on his shooting. As the weekend progressed, he said, he was allowed to participate in SU's group position sessions and the 5-man drills that simulate fast break scenarios.

He anticipates being held out of contact situations for "a couple more days," though he's not sure about an exact timetable.

Sounds like he might miss one or both of the exhibition games but will be ready to go for the Nov. 9th season-opener in San Diego.

Cooney has spent the off-season losing a lot of pieces of himself. First it was his evil goatee, now his tonsils.

Meanwhile, while we're talking about Syracuse basketball, make sure you read this piece by Mike Waters on how Syracuse's system of reloading talent differs from that of the Kentucky Wildcats and that's okay.

"Kentucky’s the only one that has that model," Boeheim said. "That’s their model. Our model has always been to recruit good players and have guys who if they’re good enough to go (to the NBA) that’s OK, but have enough players left that we can still have a good team."

"It’s Syracuse," Triche said. "We lose guys and re-load. Everybody’s played behind somebody at some point. If they’d been at another school, they probably could’ve produced more as freshmen. This is a great opportunity for everybody to do a lot more."

For those questioning how schools like Syracuse will compete against Coach Cal in the years to come...don't worry. They will.