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Syracuse vs. USF: Hurricane Sandy Passing Tampa By, Breaking A Little Wind

Despite concerns, Tampa should be relatively dry for tonight's Syracuse-USF game.

Al Messerschmidt

Tonight when the Syracuse Orange take on the South Florida Bulls in Tampa, don't expect any wild rainstorms or to see B.J. Dainels get taken away into the air by a Hurricane. It should be relatively dry as Hurricane Sandy passes the region by. However, before she goes, she's going to kick up a little wind that could have an impact on the game.

According to The Weather Channel, it's going to be a windy day, with gusts reaching up to 35 MPH. However, things will settle down by game-time, with winds more likely in the 15-20 MPH range. While the skies are expected to be cloudy, they don't expect any rainfall.

And so, all eyes on Syracuse kicker Ross Krautman and USF kicker Maikon Bonani. Krautman is coming off his best game of the season (4 FGs, 4-4 XPs) and Bonani is solid on the year (6-8 FG, 16-18 XPs). We'll see how much of an effect the wind has on either, not to mention the punters.