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Syracuse vs. USF: Now Ashton Broyld & Ritchy Desir Are Doubtful, Too

It now sounds like Syracuse will be without Ashton Broyld, Ritchy Desir and Adonis Ameen-Moore when they take on USF this weekend.


Good thing Jerome Smith seems to be peaking because it looks like almost every change-of-pace running back that the Syracuse Orange can throw in there otherwise is going to be MIA when Syracuse visits the South Florida Bulls on Saturday.

We already know that Adonis Ameen-Moore, Mr. TANK Package, will likely miss the game and possibly more time. Now comes news that freshman sensation Ashton Broyld is "doubtful" with an unclear injury.

Marrone said Wednesday that he wasn't sure if Broyld would be available or not, which usually means the player in question won't play.

Going back to the TANK, a lot of SU fans have been wondering if that package was still going to be in effect without it's touchdown man. Looks like the TANK is still fully-operational indeed:

Marrone also said running back Adonis Ameen-Moore is working hard to get back into the lineup while recovering from an injury, but his availability remains in doubt also. Marrone said he has no problems using either Jerome Smith or Prince-Tyson Gulley in the "tank'' goal-line offense.

"It's quite different the style of running down there than your in-the-field running,'' Marrone said. "Speed to hole is important. Quick decisions, (running) north and south. Seeing the hole and taking it. And then always having the ability to hit someone and drive them backwards rather than get driven backwards yourself. We're prepared with the backs that we have.''

Just to send the hackles on your back up a little more, it also sounds like our newfound punt returner, Ritchy Desir, is injured. For reasons unknown to all humans, Marrone said if Desir can't go, Steve Rene will get his old job back on punts. God help us.