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What The Heck Is Doug Marrone Doing To Former Syracuse Players?

A bunch of former Syracuse football players voiced their displeasure with their treatment by the current SU Football regime on Wednesday night. What the heck?


Regardless of where you stand on the Doug Marrone debate, I think we can all agree that Doug is passionate about Syracuse University, it's tradition and it's history. So that's what makes a series of tweets from former Syracuse Orange football players Wednesday night so confusing (and troubling).

Troy Nunes, former Syracuse quarterback and blog namesake, visited the university a few days ago and seemed to have some fun while there.

A few days later, Troy tweeted this out...

What the heck? Say what you want about Troy's tenure but he's an Orangeman and he was a part of some good times for SU. I find it surprising that we would treat him poorly upon returning. And that's why some of the responses he received were even more surprising...

In order that's former SU players Quinn Ojinnaka, Erik Kaloyanides & Ryan Bartholomew.

No specifics were provided but where there's smoke there's usually fire. What is it that Doug Marrone & SU Football are doing (or aren't doing) that's making multiple former Orange feel this way? Be interested to see if anything else comes of this. Also, as Scott pondered, wonder what kind of reaction Donovan McNabb gets when he walks through the door...