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Doug Hogue: Formerly A Lion, Now A Panther (One Day A Bear?) Oh My

A day after the Lions released him, Hogue is picked up on waivers by the Carolina Panthers.


The Detroit Lions placed former Syracuse Orange linebacker Doug Hogue on waivers Monday. The first team in line to select him was the Carolina Panthers and, as a credit to Hogue's talents, they snatched him right up on Tuesday.

The Yonkers native was a fifth-round draft choice by the Lions in 2011 after an SU career in which he earned All-Big East honors his senior season. Hogue came to the Orange as a running back in 2007 and played two seasons at that position before being switched to linebacker in head coach Doug Marrone's first season at SU.

Hogue played in 13 games for the Lions in 2011, garnering six tackles. This season he played in only two games for the squad, earning two solo tackles. He was a fifth-round selection in the 2011 NFL Draft.

For Hogue, it's a fresh start with Carolina, who could certainly use the help. And the longer he stays in the NFL, the better it is for Syracuse.