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Syracuse vs. San Diego St: Get Ready For Camo 'Cuse

Nike is making camo uniforms for the eight schools playing in November 9th games, which includes Syracuse and San Diego State.

Harry How

No surprise here, really. According to Andy Katz, the eight Nike teams participating in military-themed games on Nov. 9 will receive special camouflage jerseys for the special occasion. That includes both the Syracuse Orange and the San Diego St. Aztecs, who are playing one another in the Battle on the Midway in San Diego.

The other teams are Michigan State-Connecticut (Ramstein Air Base in Germany, Florida-Georgetown (Jacksonville) and Ohio State-Marquette (Charleston).

Here's what North Carolina (blue) and Michigan State (white) looked like last year. I'd be shocked if we weren't in an orange camo while the Aztecs were in white ones.

Last year, Michigan St. gave their jerseys to troops on the carrier. Expect everyone to follow suit this year. And then expect some of those uniforms to end up on eBay so you can snatch them up.

In case you're wondering, this is what an orange camo football uni looks like, so assume it's in that vein.