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Statistically-Speaking: Syracuse Keeps Climbing The Charts

The Syracuse offense and defense are now both among the Top 35 in the nation. We just need the wins to follow...

Rich Schultz

Keeping an eye on the Syracuse Orange football team's stats in 2012, it's a fulfilling and frustrating experience. Fulfilling to see them so high in many categories but frustrating to then realize they're 3-4 overall. Still, let's check in with those stats to see where we stand.


Total Offense: 34th (454 YPG)

Passing Offense: 15th (307 YPG)

Rushing Offense: 81st (147 YPG)

Total Defense: 27th (355 YPG)

Passing Defense: 47th (213 YPG)

Rushing Defense: 25th (116 YPG)

Penalties Per Game: T-99th (7.6)

Kickoff Returns: 96th (18.7 YPR)

Net Punting: 113th (32 Net YPP)

Red Zone Offense: T-81st (23 scores on 30 tries, 17 TDs, 6 FGs)

Red Zone Defense: T-77th (16 scores on 19 tries, 12 TDs, 4 FGs)

Turnover Margin: 109th (7 gained, 15 lost)

Time of Possession: T-63rd

Tackles For Loss: T-8th (7.86 per Game)

Sacks: T-41st (2.29 per Game)


Ryan Nassib: No. 11 in nation in Passing, No. 42 in Passing Efficiency, No. 9 in Passing Yards Per Game & No. 12 in Total Offense.

Marcus Sales: No. 41 in Receiving Yards per Game, T-57th in Receptions per Game & No. 44 in Total Receiving Yards.

Sir Alec Lemon: No. 58 in Receiving Yards per Game, T-No.55 in Receptions per Game & No. 99 in Total Receiving Yards.

Iron Brandon Sharpe: Tied for 30th in Sacks per Game and tied for 26th in Tackles for Loss per Game.

Ross Krautman: Tied for 48th in Field Goals per Game.

Team Leaders

Ryan Nassib: 175 of 269 for 2,147 yards, 13 TDs & 8 INTs, 1 Rushing TD

Jerome Smith: 97 carries for 488 yards

Prince-Tyson Gulley: 62 carries for 255 yards and 3 TDs

Adonis Ameen-Moore: 11 carries for 17 yards and 3 TDs

Marcus Sales: 36 catches for 533 yards and 5 TDs

Alec Lemon: 32 catches for 428 yards and 1 TD

Jarrod West: 27 catches for 385 yards and 1 TD

Beckett Wales: 20 catches for 207 yards and 1 TD

Siriki Diabate: 49 total tackles, 8 TFL

Shamarko Thomas: 43 tackles, 3 TFL, 1 INT

Marquis Spruill: 40 total tackles, 6 TFL

Dyshawn Davis: 34 total tackles, 8 TFL

Jeremi Wilkes: 28 total tackles

Brandon Sharpe: 24 total tackles, 10 TFL, 5.5 sacks