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Dion Waiters Ready To Go 'Philly' On Cleveland

Dion Waiters is blogging again and he shares his thoughts on his conditioning, Cleveland vs. Philly and how he doesn't care what his rating is in 2K13 so long as it's really good.

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Dion Waiters is blogging again! He might not be a Syracuse Orange anymore but The Humble & Hungry one will always be one in our hearts.

Speaking of the fact that Dion is hungry, he'd like to let you know that his lack of muscle definition over the summer has been rectified.

I’m now back in shape. I’m back in shape a lot. I’ve lost a lot of weight. I’m more active. Before the draft, I really didn’t have to do anything.

If there's a downside to getting a draft guarantee weeks before the NBA Draft, now we know what it is.

I got a diet, too. I’m trying to eat better and healthier. It’s about eating healthy, and actually eating more.

Dion literally covers every base here. It's a diet but he's eating more and healthier and better. Got it? Get off his back!

Kyrie and I haven’t really talked yet about how we’re going to play together. We already know what to expect from each other.

Through mental telepathy?

I really haven’t picked up any defensive tricks from the veterans yet...

i.e. You suck, veterans.

...but I picked up a lot of things where they could help me and benefit me on the court from a lot of those guys.

That's not a sentence.

I got a house in Cleveland, too. The city is cool, quiet and laid back. It’s not like a busy, busy city.

These people are laid back?

It’s just calm and laid back, but they’re very passionate about their sports. The fans are very passionate.

Okay, cool.

That’s another thing I like, just the environment, the love and the support that they give you throughout your time there.

Until you, ya know, do this.

Philly is crazy, though.

I wonder if Philly is crazy...

Philly is crazy.

I'm beginning to think Philly is a little wild.

They are a little bit similar, but Philly is just wild, man.

Philly really sounds a lot like a place I've heard of...what's it's a city in Pennsylvania...not Pittsburgh, but...

Philly is just Philly.

That's it!

Cleveland can’t really compare to Philly, at least what I’ve seen so far.

Gauntlet is laid down, Cleveland. Can you be crazy? Can you be wild? Can you be Philly? Remains to be seen.

I can’t wait for 2K13 to come out...Whatever rating they give me is cool with me, but as long as it’s like a respectable rating then I can go with it.

Wait, but you just said...and then you don't understand...nevermind...

I actually haven’t played Madden online at all. I just play with my friends and people that I hear about that are good.