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Syracuse vs. UConn: You Really Have No Excuse Not To Be There

Syracuse is pulling out all the stops to make sure you're at the UConn game. Seriously, it would be silly for you not to attend with all these options...

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Are you a Syracuse University student? Then your ticket to the Syracuse Orange vs. Connecticut Huskies game on Friday night is free. BE THERE.

Do you live in the Greater Syracuse Area? There's currently a Groupon going for up to 58% off a game ticket. You can get up to 25 tickets per purchase. Call everyone you know. BE THERE.

Are you thinking about going to watch the Syracuse Volleyball team play on Friday? The first 150 fans at the 3:00pm game will receive a free voucher to the Syracuse-UConn game. BE THERE.

By the way, this game is taking place on a Friday night in the Carrier Dome. Syracuse always* wins in the Carrier Dome on Friday night. You stopped going to games because you were tired of seeing them lose. Guess what? Not gonna happen. BE THERE.

Coach P is coming back for the first time. You can see him in person and cheer for him. Or boo him. Or watch other people cheer or boo him. It will be interesting to see what they do. BE THERE.

You have plenty of time to give up on Syracuse football in the coming weeks. Basketball is almost here. They're going to play a bunch of road games. They'll probably lose a few more times. So you might as well go watch them play tonight so you can get it out of your system. BE THERE.

*in theory