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Syracuse vs. UConn: Official TNIAAM Predictions

Will the Syracuse Orange do what they're required to do, which is win in the Dome on a Friday night? We certainly think so...


The Syracuse Orange host the Connecticut Huskies Friday night in the Dome. Supposedly, that means Syracuse is going to win. But are we sure about that?

Dan Lyons

Enough's enough. This is finally the week that Syracuse finally does it- they put together the complete game. The offense is shades of the second half against Northwestern, and the defense continues to play like "ravish dogs", or whatever weird animals haunt Ryan Nassib's dreams this week. We limit turnovers. Special teams are only kind of a disaster, not a total disaster. I'm going out on a limb this week; if we lose to a UConn team that seems to be in an even more dire situation than we are, I don't know if I'll be able to handle it.

We will not go quietly into the night!

Syracuse- 34, UConn- 10

Matt Glaude

I have no idea how this is going to turn out. In one corner, a rustic mansion wherein the occupants are monkeys slinging poo at the walls. In the other, a program run by a coach that I would pay money to see ride a go-kart while slinging turtle shells at people while yelling, "It's-a me, Pasqualoni!" The game should be an illustration of the worst nude you've ever seen, but you'll still stare at it because, hey, there's a nude.

PREDICTION: Syracuse -- 17, Connecticut -- 14

Andrew Pregler

Ugh. Ok, so this game is very depressing. I thought watching Pittsburgh Pirates baseball in the mid 2000's was rough but then we got this. Honestly, all I know that the Orange will out play UConn. They will gain more yards, frustrate them more on defense, and probably, by some way shape or form, outplay them on special teams. Yet I am 100% certain that I would not bet the odds on Cuse (4 1/2 points). I am the optimist who thinks that Marrone finally decides to keep running the ball when it works and Nassib has a decent game to give Cuse an ugly 20-17 win.

Jeremy Ryan

Dear Lord. Is this game one of the signs of the apocalypse? I think the Dome should be tagged with an 'R' rating like they have in movie theaters. The amount of cursing coming from the stands if SU falls behind will not be suitable for small children.

Luckily, I think UConn is a team that SU should beat even on its worst day. Hopefully that won't be the case, but you never know.

Syracuse 17, UConn 13

John Cassillo

The one thing UConn's been able to do considerably well this season is rush the passer, so as long as the offensive line holds up (not a guarantee at all), I like our chances. What I worry about, however, is how we'll fare if this devolves into a low-scoring affair (likely). The less points on the board, the more glaring Syracuse's mistakes become, and while UConn isn't all that opportunistic (nine turnovers forced this season), the possibility's still there. Since the game's on a Friday night, I believe we can pull out the win. But I'm not 100-percent sold, unfortunately. Yes, I'm depressed about Syracuse football. Why do you ask?

Prediction: Syracuse 20, UConn 16

Marc Thomas

Sean astutely pointed out after the loss to Rutgers that Syracuse is just so good at beating Syracuse this season. I chewed on that sentiment for a while on Sunday and thought to myself "man, if we could just play some alternative version of ourselves, we'd surely go undefeated". Well hello there Coach Paul Pasqualoni and offensive guru (cough, cough) George Deleone!!! Dream matchup for this team. Defense dominates the line of scrimmage, and the O wakes up from its three-game nap.

Syracuse 27, Syracuse 2.0 (aka. UConn) 13.

Matt McClusky

I think this is likely to be similar to the Pittsburgh game in the sense that SU will probably get up a couple of scores and then put it in cruise and coast to a W. Connecticut's defense should be able to keep the Huskies in the game, but the offense won't be able to do enough for Paul Pasqualoni to return a champ. Also - DO NOT CHEER FOR PASQUALONI. He either murdered our football program or was at least an accomplice to the crime. The fact that he is back should only bring back memories of what he did and what could have been. But as for the game...

SU 24 - Connecticut 10.

Chris Daughtrey

I'm pretty much through trying to predict Syracuse games. There's no telling which team will show up on which side of the ball or for how long. Which offense will show up? The one that scored 28 unanswered on Northwestern and hung with USC? Or the one that couldn't score after its opening drive against Pitt? Which defense will show up? The one that shut down Ray Graham and Jawan Jamison and held Stony Brook to 24 total second half yards? Or the one that allowed Miguel Maysonet to run for over 100 in the first half of that very same game? There's no way to know. So, my "prediction" is based on the one thing I do know for sure. Syracuse's only win against an FBS team in the last 10 tries has been a Friday nighter. The game is on Friday. Syracuse wins thanks to the transitive property of "the last game we won was on a Friday".

UConn- 10, Syracuse 13.

Sean Keeley

I'm going to predict that Syracuse wins this game because the alternative is too scary to consider. There's absolutely no reason to lose this game. It's in the Dome. It's on Friday night. UConn's offense is abysmal. We have a lot of talent people on our football roster who can do good things when they don't do bad things.

By all accounts, we will win this game. May God have mercy on our souls (and Doug Marrone's) if we don't.

Syracuse 27 - UConn 17