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What the P-S Won't Tell You About...The Connecticut Huskies

What if Big East football programs were re-incarnated as Catholic Prep School girls in trouble??? Now that I have your attention, I present to you "What the P-S won't tell you about the Connecticut Huskies".

Rich Schultz - Getty Images


I guess if you are a 2-4 team, and you need something, anything to get your season back on track, you'd want to see a home game against the Connecticut Huskies on your schedule, right? Well, here they are. We've seen some inexcusably bad football this season from our boys, yet I am still clinging to the hope that we can finish strong, or at least play .500 ball to end the year...I'd take 5-7 in the way someone who is down $1,000 in Vegas makes a small run to end the night, gets back $200, and walks away from the table thinking that they did well enough to believe they'll make it all back tomorrow.

We can win this one. I am sure of it. I can even see that 3-3 finish up ahead. But damnit guys, we've GOT to win this one or a lot of the faithful are going to break...not the freaks or old curmudgeons in the stands that grumble for the sake of grumbling, but the realists. Guys like Sean, girls like ShariCuse, and a lot of us on here who don't see football as a diversion that gets us to November, but something that means the world to us at this time of year. This is the game -- "the hand" if you will -- that will determine whether many of us fold, or come back one more time dreaming of the big score. Come on Coach, deal us a winner...

In today's preview, we salute the unquestioned queen bee of the Big East (starting in 2013)...The University of Connecticut Huskies! We reacquaint ourselves with former Orange Head Coach Paul Pasqualoni, someone who we know so well...OR DO WE??? We also reacquaint ourselves with the "John Oates" to Coach P's "Darryl Hall"...Offensive Coordinator George DeLeone, who remains endearingly attached to what is arguably college football's least imaginative playbook.