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Syracuse vs. UConn: Requisite Post About How Coach P Feels

Coach P returns to the Dome for the first time since being fired. Don't expect to hear about how he's out for revenge. That's not his style.

Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Perhaps you've heard. Paul Pasqualoni used to coach the Syracuse Orange. Now he coaches the Connecticut Huskies. The Connecticut Huskies are playing the Syracuse Orange in Syracuse this Friday.

So what does Coach P think about it? Is he fired up for vengeance? Does he want to rip the heart out of every Syracuse fan's chest for the way they never appreciated him? Does he want to dance on the #OrangeNation hashtag?

Probably. But you know he's just going to say generic platitudes about he doesn't care.

''This is a business trip. Really, all I can see is getting ready to play this game,'' Pasqualoni said of Friday night's matchup. ''We're not going up to central New York to pick apples, ride on the hay wagon.''

No. 1, that has to be a huge disappointment to the UConn players. No. 2, with the economy the way it is, CNY's orchard and hay ride industry did not need this kind of publicly right now.

How bout the fact that you're returning to the Dome for the first time? Surely you've thought about that a great deal:

''That will be interesting. To tell you the truth, I haven't thought about it a great deal, other than it's a big game in our conference and it's a big game for us.''

Pasqualoni finally did let down the wall a little bit to talk about what positives he does hold onto from his days at SU:

"I think that obviously I had a lot of good years there, a lot of good experiences. For me it’s more about the kids that you recruited, the players you coached, the coaches you worked with. The administration. Just tremendous people.

"For me, it’s more about the people we were with, what we achieved. I thought we achieved a lot. I thought we had a lot of great kids. That’s not going to be some big sentimental thing for me."

In general, much of the talk coming out of UConn sounds familiar. They've let opportunities slip away. They need to move forward. They need to play their game.

Sure is a lot of that going around. One bit of good news for them is that running back Lyle McCombs should be able to play in Friday night’s game. The sophomore injured his hand last week against Temple. He ran for 152 yards against Syracuse last season, a career-high.