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Introducing The Big East Old Man's Regret Cup For Syracuse, UConn & USF Fans

With not much left to play for, the Syracuse, UConn and South Florida fans can now play for the Big East Old Man's Regret Cup in head-to-head matchups in the coming weeks.

This Friday, the Syracuse Orange will take on the Connecticut Huskies.

Next weekend, the Orange will travel to Tampa to play the South Florida Bulls.

The following weekend, the Bulls host the Huskies.

Three weeks, three games, three disappointing football teams and three fanbases that have been emotionally drained.

One fanbase is openly calling for the firing of their head coach not two seasons into his reign. Another fanbase is watching its university turn on its star hire. The third is coming to grips with the idea that their supposed savior is anything but. And all the while, the soul-crushing losses pile up.

There's nothing left to play for. That is, until the introduction of the Big East Old Man's Regrets Cup.

Sponsored by the Old Man On The Porch in the Big East sportsmanship commercial we've all watched 57 times by now, this Cup will be handed to the winning team of this three-game gauntlet of mediocrity.

Old Man On The Porch was a poor sport. He had a temper. He said and did awful things. He's pretty sure he hurt people. But you know what? He didn't care. It was all for the good of the team. These days, he's embarrassed and ashamed because, quite frankly, he knew better. And according to him, so do you.

That's why this trophy bears his visage. Because with nothing else to play for, our collective fanbases might as well play for something. That something is the chance to not end up a bitter old man sitting on a porch in the country somewhere talking to yourself about all those times you were a dickhead while rooting for your team. Let Old Man On The Porch set high this standard of douchbaggery and let us all aspire to fall short of it.

Whoever hoists high the Big East Old Man's Regret Cup in three weeks will have that chance. The other two fanbases? Invest in rocking chairs...