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2012 TNIAAM BlogPoll Ballot - Week Of October 15th

My ballot for this week's BlogPoll means Kansas State and Notre Dame keep moving up the charts while West Virginia and South Carolina take a tumble.

Rich Schultz - Getty Images

Here's my ballot for the latest BlogPoll, which will be released on Wednesday.

Such is college football that we spent all week talking about how awesome West Virginia and South Carolina are, only to watch them both lose and tumble down the rankings.

And so, Kansas State is my No. 3, Notre Dame is my No. 4 and Florida is my No. 5.

I know I just threw Texas Tech all the way up there just like that, but, when you put a whuppin' on Holgo like that, you deserve to be ranked higher than him.

I am remiss to put any of the Big East schools too much higher because they're all still paper champions. None of them have played really tough games yet and, as a member of this conference, all signs point to one of them getting cruising through the season only to get a rude awakening in the bowl game. Bummer.

You know, Michigan is probably better than we think they are. Both those losses look pretty good.