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A Critical Analysis Of Syracuse Basketball's 2012-2013 Player Photos

The 2012-2013 Syracuse Orange player photos are up. Let's over-analyze them.

Syracuse Orange fans with a keen eye always know when the new athletics season is near when the new set of team and player photos appear on the official roster page. Such is the case and it's time for us to take a look at where out players are in their visual progression. (Photos via

Michael Gbinije


Even though he's sitting out the season, Mike is very happy to be here. VERY HAPPY. Look how much happier is he is than when he was at Duke. Like, 30% happier.

Michael Carter-Williams


He Who Would Be Our Breakout Star breaks out the boy-becoming-a-man look this season. Look how much he's grown up since last year already!

Jerami Grant


This photo was taken at the exact moment that Jim Boeheim walked into the room and told Jerami, "You know all those nice things I said about you during recruiting? One. Hundred. Percent. Bullshit."

Nolan Hart


RGLCL, eat your heart out. Nolan is looking to take your spot on the RGL mantle. Nolan's hair has improved leaps and bounds from last year. Can't wait for senior year...

C.J. Fair


Honestly, C.J. is confused as to why you have to take his picture every year. You've got plenty already, don't you? Interestingly enough, this is the first player photo of C.J.'s featuring his trademark headband. So THAT'S why we had to take it, Ceej.

Trevor Cooney


Some serious Scruffy Ryan Gosling going on here. "Hey Girl, I might have redshirt last season but this year, my shirt belongs to you."

Baye Moussa Keita


Very happy to be here, though lacking in the mischievousness of last year. This photo's a stark contract to the look on Baye's face in the team poster, which is still giving me day terrors.

Griffin Hoffmann


The Hoff really stepped it up with a coif that reminds me of those mannequins from the Living Colour's Glamour Boys video. Sadly, it looks like the locks are already gone.

Matt Lyde-Cajuste


"Look, it's me. Matt Lyde-Cajuste. Take me or leave me. You don't like what the way I'm living life, go live yours elsewhere. Lyde-Cajuste OUT!"

Brandon Triche


They call it Platinum Thunder.

Russ DeRemer


If you need something, anything, while you're locked in the Melo Center all preseason, your buddy Russ is the man who can get it for you. Gatorade. New Nikes. Cigarettes. Russ is your man...

Rakeem Christmas


Rak's goal this season is to make the #RakGoatee the same length and virility as the #RakHawk. It's gonna take all season, but, it's gonna be worth it. By the way, we've come a long way from this kid...

DaJuan Coleman


They really shouldn't have taken this photo just after that Chipotle eating contest between Coleman and Eric Crume. Bad ideas all around...

Albert Nassar


Look how nice Al was last year. What happened, Al? So much pain in those eyes. I've seen that look. It's the look that so many walk-ons have after one too many Boeheim practices. Keep an eye on Al, you guys.

James Southerland


If only James let it grow like this from freshman year. We could be talking about a Roosevelt Bouie-style fro right now. Still...we have come a long way.