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Syracuse Lacrosse: Orange Alumni Classic This Saturday

The Orange Alumni Classic takes place Saturday at the Carrier Dome starting at 1:30 pm with the Legends Game and followed by the Alumni vs. Current Team at 3:00 p.m.

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Even though it's Syracuse football season, a lot of folks have been asking "when does Syracuse basketball start?" The truth is, they should be asking, "when does Syracuse lacrosse season start?" The answer is...not soon. BUT, there is a pretty awesome event going on this weekend in the Carrier Dome for you to get your Syracuse Orange lacrosse fix in the meantime.

First up is The Legends Game:

Before the 2012-13 Orange varsity lacrosse team wraps up fall ball by playing a game against a collection of Orange all-star alumni on Saturday at 3, there is a Legends game at 1:30 featuring about 40 "out-of-their-prime guys." They'll play two 25-minute halves and will be divided into Orange and Blue teams.

And that's followed by the SU Alumni Classic:

The game between the current team and its legacy of stars starts at 3 p.m. at the Carrier Dome. Tickets are $10. Parking is free.

If you have a hero of Syracuse Lacrosse Past not named Gait, chances are they're playing in one of those two games.

For a full rundown of the Legends roster, check it here. It includes Matt Palumb, Ed O'Hara, Dave Desko, Jeff Desko and many more.

As for the roster of the Alumni, you can find that here. Lots of all-time and recent stars here, including Mike Leveille, Tim Desko, Casey Powell, Chris Daniello, Jovan Miller, Matt Abbott & John Galloway.