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Georgetown Up To It's Old Tricks, No General Public Tickets For Syracuse Game

Last year, Georgetown tried to block Syracuse fans from attending the game in the Verizon Center. This year, they're upping the ante.

Austin Moore

Georgetown University, we'll miss you. We really will.

Not only are you are greatest rival, our most hated foe. But you're also the biggest bunch of trolls we've ever had the pleasure of stomping on.

You may remember last time when the Georgetown Hoyas decided to make single-game tickets to the Syracuse Orange game unavailable to the general public because they hated the fact that Orange fans took over the Verizon Center every time. Well, we took it over anyway (and won the game) thanks to the loophole that so long as you donated to GU Athletics, you could buy tickets. Many SU folks, like our friend Brian Harrison, bit the bullet and still get phone calls asking for donations to this day, but it was a price well paid.

This year, they're back to their old tricks with the same policy for the March 9th game, the final-ever meeting between the two rivals in the Big East. And this time, they've upped the ante to make it even more prohibitive for Orange fans to circumvent the system.

Via an email sent out to Georgetown fans (and Syracuse fans on their donor list):

Georgetown vs Syracuse Single Game Tickets

Single game tickets for the Georgetown vs Syracuse home game on March 9, 2013 will only be available for purchase by current donors to Georgetown Athletics at the $50 level and above. Each athletics donor will be able to purchase a maximum of eight (8) single game tickets for this home game. Single game tickets will not be made available to the public for this event.

Last year the minimum donation level was $25.

It's a big deal for Georgetown to make this game as gray as possible since it's going to be featured on ESPN Gameday. Syracuse fans, your mission is clear. As much as you can, orange the f*** out of that place. We might end up paying for a new Georgetown football stadium, but, it'll be worth it.

Here's your link for making donations and getting Syracuse-Georgetown tickets.

H/T: Alexandria & Aaron, Image: Austin Moore