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Dion Waiters: Humbled While Hungry In Cavs' Preseason Game

Dion Waiters is getting the rookie treatment so far from Cavs' coach Byron Scott, who benched the Syracuse star during the team's second preseason game.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

I remember reading Dion Waiters' latest blogpost in which he talks about how he's going to compliment Kyrie Irving and thinking to myself, he's probably getting about three steps ahead of himself here. Lottery pick or not, The Humble & Hungry One still had some NBA adjusting ahead of him and a whole lot of learning to do before he and Kyrie become a 1-2 punch.

That much was made clear during the Cleveland Cavaliers' 97-80 loss to to the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday.

"(Waiters) struggled offensively big-time," Scott said. "I took him out in the second half because I drew up a play, guard ran the play, he messed it up. To me that was a lack of focus so I figured he didn't need to play the rest of the game."

Asked what he'd most like to see from Waiters, Scott said, "Understanding what we're doing offensively. You've got to know the plays. I can't draw up a play during a timeout and you go on the floor and mess it up."

Waiters finished with two points, three assists and four turnovers on 1-of-7 shooting in 14 minutes of action. Waiters has been coming off the bench so far and according to those in the know, just like during his time at Syracuse, he can expect that to continue:

"Don't look for him to start, they're going to pressure him with C.J. Miles, and even though he lost the weight and they're very pleased about that, they want this kid to know that they're not going to give (him) a thing. ... Byron Scott knows he's got a gifted player, but he's also got a young man that comes into a whole lot of money and really is not the most mature guy on the block. ... That's part of the reason they went out and got Miles, to hold this over Waiters and let him know, hey, these things are earned."

Guys, Dion's gonna need a lot of tweets telling him how great he is. Be ready.