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Syracuse Defeats Marquette: The Photology

The Syracuse Orange defeated the Marquette Golden Eagles on Saturday. Here are the photos to prove it.

"Who do you think is The Worst? Do you think it's you? I think it might be you."

"I'm going to point to The Worst, you tell me if I'm right."

Obviously, this photo here on the right is the one that needs no introduction and requires only a mind as dirty as mine to appreciate.

Interesting night for Fabricio de Melo. James Southerland is absolutely shocked with the kind of facial tactics Marquette was using. Still, the big man worked through it, even asking the big man above for a little help.

However Fab persevered and slammed the competition (via Kevin Colton/FingerLakes1):


By the way, welcome back to the #MeloHawk. Good to see you again.

Meanwhile, Marquette coach Buzz Williams spent a lot of time on the court during the game. What a showman...


Jim Boeheim didn't enjoy the show at first...


However, Jimmy talked it over, tried to fight someone about it, thought about it some more, asked for a second show and really enjoyed it. I mean really.

Scoop Jardine gave some great face all night long, from exasperated to absolutely terrified.

Hey Crowder, stop crowding Christmas (I'll let myself out).

POINT, WAITERS! Now return to your corner and bow to your sensai. But please don't run, Dion, it's slipper...OH NO! DOUBLE OH NO!

Syracuse fans clap until the Orange score at the beginning of each half. Dion Waiters holds his breathe until he scores. That explains a lot (via Kevin Colton/FingerLakes1):


Baye Moussa Keita absolutely terrified Marquette. And I mean that literally...

What do you think Baye Moussa Keita listens to? Puccuni, I net.

Let the record show that, if needed, Gerry McNamara can suit up in a jiffy.

Speaking of assistant coaches, Mike Hopkins is fired up. Fired. Up.

C.J. Fair is so good that he can take on the Eagles three-on-one with his eyes closed. Or while posing for a photo op (via Kevin Colton/FingerLakes1):


No wonder Fair has so many fans.

Finally, NOXCUSE99 said in the comments that " if someone could step up and buy Brandon a razor that would be a good thing." Agreed.