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T.W.I.T.S. - This Week in Twitter: Syracuse

Twitter is an interesting tool. It can allow college athletes to more easily connect to their fans but more than likely it gives them an unfiltered avenue to express their thoughts to the world (sometimes doing more harm than good). This column will try to highlight the past week in Syracuse Twitter so the majority of you don't have to sort through Dion Waiters re-tweets til your eyes bleed. Without further ado I present the first installment of "This Week in Syracuse Twitter."

TwitPic of the Week:

Scoop likes to tweet about himself, as well as instagram pictures of himself. This is a pretty standard scoop tweet the night before the game. Thankfully he wasn't solely focused on himself and managed to dish out a few assists against Marquette.

Walk-on Tweet of the Week:

Anyone who follows Griffin Hoffman is familiar with his obsession with shoes. He tweets a daily dose of his daily kicks, however we hope this one is a joke. Leopard print moccasins are always taking it a step too far.

Dion Waiters re-tweet of the Week:

@dionwaiters3 great game! I will continue to enjoy your last college season and look forward to you beating NBA guards off the dribble!
Jan 08 via Twitter for iPadFavoriteRetweetReply

These "Dion we're sad you're going to the NBA next year" tweets are a dime a dozen so I just chose one. If the Waiter goes to the NBA next year I will eat my words, but let's be serious, not gonna happen (thank Tebow God). Dion would be an absolute idiot to go pro next year. Yes he is a top-tier scoring threat off the bench but that's what he is right now, no more no less. Dion will someday be a fantastic pro, but not next year. However if you're looking for a Waiters re-tweet, boosting his ego seems to be the way to go.

Fake Tweet of the Week:

Ever wonder what's in my Gatorade bottle on the bench? Here's a hint, it's sold at Chucks. #scoopssecretstuff
Jan 07 via Twitter for iPhoneFavoriteRetweetReply

I've been following "Poop" Jardine for quite a while now. Normally in good fun this accounts tweets fake Scoop tweets throughout the week and during games. A great follow for any Orange fan in need of a bit of comic relief.

Just a brief sampling this week, check back next week to see what you missed in the Syracuse world of Twitter.