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'Fools' Sue Jim Boeheim For Defamation

SYRACUSE, NY - Following the No. 1 Orange's 77-63 victory over No. 20 Marquette, Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim was asked what he thought of those who felt Syracuse lacked a true go-to playmaker.

"I can't really address fools, so I'm not gonna. We've have a lot of guys who can score. Whether it's Kris [Joseph], or whether it's Dion [Waiters] or Scoop [Jardine] or Brandon [Triche]. We've got four or five guys who are go-to guys. I'd rather have four or five than one."

Immediately following the press conference, Fools nationwide filed a class action lawsuit against Boeheim for what they deemed to be slanderous comments.

"The fact that he would refer to us as fools without knowing all the facts is unforgivable," says The State sportswriter and AP voter Ron Morris, who was named among the plaintiffs. "Everyone knows you only need three players. That's it. And to play ten players in a game is unconscionable."

Fellow plaintiff ESPN shared in the dismay via a statement released to Joe Schad.

"We are extremely disappointed with Coach Boeheim for his comments. Our crack staff of MBA researchers spent countless hours this off-season determining which teams would be viable candidates for discussion on our many media platforms during the 2011-2012 season and Syracuse was not among them due to their lack of playmakers and because they played a really weak non-conference schedule five years ago."

Boeheim's lawyer released a statement Saturday evening reiterating that the coach would not directly address any "fools." Fab Melo then blocked further contact with his lawyer.

"Dion Waiters isn't even a starter. How can a guy on the bench be a playmaker?," added UConn fan and plaintiff Tad Van Landingham. "If he played for Calhoun, he'd be a starter and true go-to guy, assuming he qualified...and wasn't tampered with during recruiting...and didn't steal anything while he was here."

"No team that has given playing time to ten players in a game has ever won a national title and that's a fact," added Morris. "I read that in a preview magazine once. I think. I'm pretty sure that was what it said. I'll be honest, I'm not even sure what sport we're talking about right now."