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Jim Boeheim, Jim Calhoun Closing In On 4th Place In All-Time Wins (And Beyond)

With the news that UConn's two wins during Jim Calhoun's suspension will not count on his all-time wins total, I thought it might be a good time to check in and see where Jim Boeheim and Calhoun sit on the all-time chart.

Keeping things in the realm of D-1 coaches, Boeheim sits at fifth place with 871 wins while Calhoun trails him by six at 865. When you put it like that, two wins kinda is a big deal. Especially since both of them will pass Kentucky legend Adolph Rupp sometime soon.

Rupp has 876 wins and last time I checked he's not going to be adding to that total anytime soon. Boeheim should pass Rupp by the end of the month (knock on wood) and Calhoun might pass him by the end of February.

And once they both pass Rupp, they better get ready to pass Dean Smith just as quickly. The North Carolina legend sits in third place with 879 all-time wins, a number that Boeheim should surpass sometime around mid-February. Calhoun could have that passed by the end of the regular season.

From there, it's a reasonable bet to think that both of them could pass Bob Knight over in another year as well, assuming Calhoun is still going. Knight has 902 wins and by all accounts is done accumulating. If you figure that Boeheim will end this season with at least 14-15 more wins, he should only need a handful of wins in 2012-2013 to make the move.

After that is Coach K, who is at 912 and still going. I think we can all agree that unless Coach K spontaneously combusts, Boeheim won't catch him.

In theory, nothing short of a Bernie Fine-related catastrophe and/or dominating UConn power move is going to stop Jim Boeheim from retiring as the No. 2 winningest coach in Division 1 basketball history.

Even so, Ron Morris watched the Providence game and thinks Ed Cooley is just as good, if not better than Boeheim. So...*

*To answer your question, yes I am going to run that into the ground.