new media story line for the new year

So it seems that, with the changing of the calendar, the SU basketball story line that will beaten into the ground has also changed. It is no longer "Will the Coach Fine situation be a distraction?" (answer, clearly not). Now it's "SU has a really good bench." It's something we've toyed around with on here for a while now ("Who would win a game between the SU starters and SU bench?"), and now the national media is catching up. Jeff Goodman on just wrote an article asking that very question. And Andy Katz on just wrote a similar article touting the SU bench, although his article mentions 9 players not 10 (presumably because he wrote it based on last night's game, which Keita sat out because of his injury).

I guess I'm okay with this being talked about ad nauseum. Sportswriters have to talk constantly about something to do with the #1 ranked team, right?