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Calling All Columns, Features & Weekly Whatnot

A little belated but I wanted to say thanks to everyone who made TNIAAM a daily stop in 2011. It goes without saying that it was the biggest year in the history of the blog in terms of traffic.

November was the biggest month in the history of the site with 579K pageviews, though the unfortunate truth is that those numbers include interest in the whole Bernie Fine business.

Still, it was a great year for site content and community building. And as I think about where I want the site to go in 2012, that's where my focus is.

I keep saying to myself that I want to add more features, weekly columns and recaps that have to do with the many facets of being a Syracuse Orange fan. There are a lot of things that I either don't have the time or interest to cover in-depth but I know would be of value to readers. I'm always hesitant to bring on too many new voices to the site because I value the voice of the entire community and the lengths we all go to ensuring that it stays that way.

And that's why I'm reaching out to you guys & gals for help here.

Allow me to pull a Mookie Jones here but, in my mind, I see a brand new collection of weekly features on TNIAAM that fill in the gaps, so to speak, of Syracuse fandom. A Friday morning feature recapping the week that was in professional Syracuse alumni action. A Tuesday update on the state of recruiting in football, basketball and lacrosse. A Monday morning recap of all the SU "Olympic Sports" action. A fun recap of the best Syracuse-related tweets of the week.

The days are irrelevant and I'm not saying that those ideas are the only ones I'm looking for, but you get the idea. If you've got a relevant, valuable subtopic within the Syracuse sports world that you could commit to writing (at least) once a week, then I want to hear about it. And possibly feature it.

I know some of you are already doing this (sieg44 kills it on the pro updates), so if its something you're already doing and want to make it even better, remind me in the comments below.

I'll rummage through the suggestions and get back to everyone who's interested. Worst case scenario, even if I don't decide to make it a front-page feature, you can always do it as a FanPost.