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Fab Melo Update: Nothing Official But Moving In Positive Direction

When he's not busy teaching Liam Neeson how to fight wolves, Fabricio de Melo is theoretically getting ready to return to the Syracuse Orange at some point soon, possibly even by this Saturday when they take on the St. John's Red Storm.

There have still been no official announcements one way or another. However, enough people are dropping breadcrumbs in the direction of grandma's house to make Hansel & Gretal get excited (WHAT?).

Via Nation of Orange:

ESPN's Ryan Burr put out on twitter that, "if I'm reading the tea leaves he's back Saturday." He went on to say, "if he was done I think the announcement would have already come. Silence speaks volume."

The voice of the Orange, Matt Park
, said to a fan on twitter who asked when Fab would be back, "my feeling is that you'll be pleased."

And then of course there's Fab's Twitterfeed, which has become almost a little too forthcoming in recent days. When not tweeting about the sorority he's hanging out at, Fab continues to drop hints about an imminent return.

And so we wait, but hopefully not for much longer...

Update: Add Seth Davis to to the list of speculators who seem to think Fab is coming back but can't say for sure.