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Bernie Fine Allegations: Laurie Fine Slept With Syracuse Players, According To Affidavit

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Hey, remember Bernie Fine, Laurie Fine, Bobby Davis and Mike Lang? Remember when that was a thing?

The whole gang is back and the funs about the start all over again.

Leave it to the New York Daily News to turn something that almost everyone who has been paying attention to these allegations knew for months into a shocking reveal many moons later.

Laurie Fine allegedly slept with former Syracuse Orange basketball players.

The wife of disgraced Syracuse University assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine had sex with numerous players over many years, according to an explosive affidavit by one of the ball boys Fine is accused of molesting.

In the court papers, Robert Davis, one of the former ball boys, says he overheard Laurie Fine and the wife of another coach talk about performing oral sex on players, and the "specific size and physical attributes" of their private parts.

So that's good.

Fine's lawyer denied the claim:

"This is both desperate and disgusting, an example of a lawyer flailing about to keep a dying lawsuit in the public eye," Fine’s lawyer, Edward Z. Menkin, said in a phone interview.

Davis includes a story about the time he and Laurie went to an SU players' apartment and he waited in the living room while she went into the bedroom and slept with the player.

And of course the affidavit reaffirms that Laurie and Davis had a sexual relationship as well.

So that's the stuff that sells newspapers, but what about the meat of the affidavit?

Davis claims in it that Boeheim knew full well what was going on and chose to ignore it, or at the very least chose not to intervene. That's the crux of the entire defamation suit, since if Boeheim had no idea it was true when he called Davis and Lang "liars," the suit can be thrown out.

Let the rampant speculation about which players slept with Laurie Fine begin (or at least start up again). Just in case you were starting to feel secure that Jim Boeheim was safe and sound...the ground trembles just a little bit to remind you that you shouldn't. Gloria Allred and the defendants seem intent on doing everything they can to remove him from his post, one way or another.